Summer Reading List
Check out our staff picks for Summer Reading recommendations! We have all picked a book that really stands out to us in one way or another, and would love to share it with you. At the end of the Summer, we will regroup and do a short discussion after church about the book you read led by the person who recommended it!

Merrill’s Pick

Sabbath: Finding Rest, Renewal and Delight in Our Busy Lives by Wanye Muller
We need not even schedule an entire day each week. Sabbath time can be a Sabbath afternoon, a Sabbath hour, a Sabbath walk. With wonderful stories, poems, and suggestions for practice, Muller teaches us how we can use this time of sacred rest to refresh our bodies and minds, restore our creativity, and regain our birthright of inner happiness.

Craig’s Pick

The Holy Bible
(We have some you can borrow if you don’t have your own!)
Well, what more can we say? Pick a section, a chapter, or just a few verses and really take in the beauty and wonder of this collection of stories. This is one of the most important books ever written, and one that is essential to our belief system, so why not give it a shot?

Lamar’s Pick

The Book of Forgiving: The Fourfold Path for Healing Ourselves & Our World by Desmond Tutu
Each of us has a deep need to forgive and to be forgiven. After much reflection on the process of forgiveness, Tutu has seen that there are four important steps to healing: Admitting the wrong and acknowledging the harm; Telling one’s story and witnessing the anguish; Asking for forgiveness and granting forgiveness; and renewing or releasing the relationship. Forgiveness is hard work. Sometimes it even feels like an impossible task. But it is only through walking this fourfold path that Tutu says we can free ourselves of the endless and unyielding cycle of pain and retribution. The Book of Forgiving is both a touchstone and a tool, offering Tutu’s wise advice and showing the way to experience forgiveness. Ultimately, forgiving is the only means we have to heal ourselves and our aching world.

Aubree’s Pick

You are Free: Be Who You Already Are by Rebekah Lyons

Find the book here

Freedom is for everyone who wants it—the lost, the wounded, and those weary from all of the striving. It’s for those who gave up trying years ago. It’s for those angry and hurt, brilliant and burnt by the Christian song and dance. You are the church, the people of God. You were meant to be free.

Morgan’s Pick

What We Talk About When We Talk About God by Rob Bell
Pastor Rob Bell explains why both culture and the church resist talking about God, and shows how we can reconnect with the God who is pulling us forward into a better future. Bell uses his characteristic evocative storytelling to challenge everything you think you know about God. What We Talk About When We Talk About God tackles the misconceptions about God and reveals how God is with us, for us, ahead of us, and how understanding this could change the entire course of our lives.
Soul Food for 2017
Study Opportunities that allow God to nourish and transform us…

Men’s Study & Discussion Group

Please join us for our new Men’s Study and Discussion Group! It will begin Friday, June 9th at 7:30am in the Red House. We will be starting with What We Talk About When We Talk About God by Rob Bell. 

Women’s Bible Study

A Women’s Bible Study will be starting at 7:15am on Tuesdays, beginning May 16th in the Parlor. We will be studying the Book of Philippians. Please join us!

Sould Food Sundays

Join us for gatherings after church for food, conversation and fellowship. Our Low Country Boil on June 4th was a huge success, so be on the lookout for another Soul Food Sunday coming soon!

Disciple Fast Track

This is a 24 week study for men and women interested in deepening their faith and knowledge of the Old and New Testaments. Meets at 6pm in the Parlor Room.

If Gatherings

Where 2 or more are GATHERED…
Men’s and Women’s once a month small groups starting last week of January.
*for more information, contact Evanne Mines at