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Sunday Morning Audio Sermon Archive

05-05-2019 -LIVING FOR JESUS – Listen:He Knows
03-24-2019 -LOVE BIG…LOVE DOES-Selective Hearing
02-17-2019 -LOVE BIG…Loving Others-Go and Love-Pastor Roger Kelly
02-10-2019 -LOVE BIG…Loving Others-The Uncomfortable Ones
12-09-2018-All I Want For Christmas Is….PEACE
10-28-2018-The Most Difficult Line In The Prayer Jesus Taught- Rev. Dr. Bob Bushong
07-15-2018-When Love Is The Way, The World Is A Sanctuary
07-08-2018-Crossing Fault Lines- Rev. Megan Killingsworth
06-24-2018-Seasons of Change- Rev. David Lumberry
06-17-2018- Planting Seeds Of Hope-Rev. Ryan Frack
06-03-2018- 12 ORDINARY MEN- The Tax Collector and the Doubting Twin
05-13-2018- Where Two Or More Are Gathered…Friendships
05-06-2018- 12 Ordinary Men-The Apostle of Love-Learning To Love
04-29-2018- 12 Ordinary Men-The Foursome Fishers of Men
04-22-2018- 12 Ordinary Men-Simon Peter: Leadership 101
02-25-2018-LENT- Injury-Pardon-Rev. David Killingsworth
02-11-2018- The Keys To Resilience-BELOVED
02-04-2018- The Keys To Resilience-The Ugly Duckling-LET GO- Jesse Fletcher 
01-21-2018- The Keys To Resilience-Forgiveness
12-24-2017- Who Do You Need To Meet In The Manger?  6PM Candlelight
12-24-2017- Moving Toward The Manger- Extravagant Love-10AM
12-17-2017- Moving Toward The Manger- Unspeakable JOY-  Laughter is the sound of JOY!
12-03-2017- Moving Toward The Manger- Preparing Our Hearts In Hope
11-19-2017- Got Grace?-Rev. David Lumberry
10-29-2017- A Heart Like His: So Blessed. So Human. So Loved.
10-22-2017- A Heart Like His: King David-His Rise
10-08-2017- A Heart Like His: Common Bonds, Uncommon Friendships; A Covenant
10-01-2017- A Heart Like His- Whose Battle Is It Anyway?
09-24-2017- A Heart Like His- Summoned From A Sheep Field
09-03-2017- The Ten Commandments-God’s Code Of Ethics- Wes Young
07-23-2017 HOLY SPIRIT MAKE-OVER- “The Gift of Awe” 
07-16-2017-HOLY SPIRIT MAKE-OVER- “The Gift of Knowledge”
07-09-2017-HOLY SPIRIT MAKE-OVER- “The Hard Work Of Piety”-Lamar Robertson
07-02-2017-HOLY SPIRIT MAKE-OVER- “Be Strong and Courageous”
06-25-2017- HOLY SPIRIT MAKE-OVER- “Who Doesn’t Need Counsel”
06-18-2017- HOLY SPIRIT MAKE-OVER- “Tear The Roof Off”
06-11-2017- HOLY SPIRIT MAKE-OVER-“What Are You Hungry For”
06-04-2017- Can You Feel The Wind In Your Face?
05-28-2017- We’re Not The Dead Church On The Corner
05-07-2017- What’s Love Got To Do With It?— Lamar Roberston, youth pastor
04-23-2016- Are Your Batteries Dead?–Rev. David Lumberry

View of storm seascape

04-02-2017- Weathering The Storm
03-12-2017- A Clearing Season- First Clearing
01-08-2017-The Great Inivitation- Listen-How Wise Are We?
12-18-2016- What’s Love Got To Do With It?  Everything!
12-11-2016- Joy Is A Gift From God Thru Jesus- Lay Minister Wes Young
11-27-2016- Hope Is On The Way…and He’s not coming in a Sleigh!




11-20-2016- What are You Thankful For?






11-13-2016- “WE THE PEOPLE”-Who will WE be? Lessons Learned.




11-06-2016- All Lines Must Move Forward!




10-30-2016- Let Go to GROW




10-23-2016-  AMAZING GRACE HOW SWEET THE SOUND- Lay Minister Wes Young




08-28-2016-  Week 4 LEAVE BOLDLY




  08-14-2016-  Week 2  LOVE COMPLETELY






  SERMON SERIES- 30 Days To A No Regret Life
  08-07-2016-  Week 1  LIVE PASSIONATELY